Benjamin Franklin Tea Towel

Benjamin Franklin Tea Towel

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was one of the 'Founding Fathers' of the United States. He is also known as an entrepreneur, scientist. inventor, diplomat, activist and political theorist. Franklin is the only person to have signed all three of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Treaty of Paris (which brought an end to the Revolutionary War with Britain). Franklin is known for inventing the lightning road and bifocals. He was a prominent abolitionist in the second half of his life. Franklin's image appears on the $100 bill.

Half Panama unbleached cotton (heavy weight, textured finish). Stitched on all four sides. Includes hanging loop. Measures approximately 19in x 27.5in. Machine wash at 110 degrees max. We recommend that before you use your tea towel for the first time you wash it at least once to soften up the material and make it more absorbent for drying dishes. Please note size can vary slightly.