Boston Tea Party Tea Towel


It turned out to be lot more than just a storm in a tea cup. On December 16, 1773, angry American colonists destroyed a shipment of Chinese tea that had lately arrived in Boston harbor. The object of their rage was the Tea Act of May 10 which allowed the British East India Company to sell tea to America virtually tax-free. In the meantime, the colonists were being taxed to the hilt by the British.

On December 16, 1773, American colonists boarded a British ship and threw the chests of tea into Boston Harbor, in protest against the Tea Act of May, 10 1773. American Patriots found the Tea Act a violation of their rights to be taxed only by their elected representatives, as they were not represented in the British Parliament.
This was one of the events that led to the beginning of the American War of Independence in 1775.

This design is inspired by "The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor", a lithograph by Nathaniel Currier (1846), depicting the Boston Tea Party protest.

Half Panama unbleached cotton (heavy weight, textured finish). Stitched on all four sides. Includes hanging loop. Measures approximately 19in x 27.5in. Machine wash at 110 degrees max. We recommend that before you use your tea towel for the first time you wash it at least once to soften up the material and make it more absorbent for drying dishes. Please note size can vary slightly.