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Values From The Revolution

Posted by Luke on Jul 4th 2018

"All men are created equal and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." - Thomas Jefferson, July 4th, 1776 Despite my childhood growing up among those bad-guy redcoat … read more

The Price of Emma Goldman's Idealism

Posted by Pete on Jun 27th 2018

Left-wingers sometimes ask, resentfully, 'Why is there no socialism in the USA?' The point isn't 100% true, but you can't deny that socialism has had a far less successful past century in the … read more

A Soldier In The Army Of Freedom

Posted by Pete on Mar 19th 2018

A few people have heard of revolutionary philosopher Thomas Paine. Some have probably also heard of his pamphlet, 'Rights of Man', published on 16th March in 1791. Sign up for blo … read more

The Radicals Behind Lincoln's 13th Amendment

Posted by Pete on Jan 31st 2018

Sign up for blog updates here One of our newer tea towel characters is Abraham Lincoln. We chose him for what he has come to symbolise – the abolition of slavery in 19th century America. A … read more

Why Our Family Started Selling Tea Towels

Posted by Beatrice on Jan 5th 2018

My mother, Pat, was a radical. A liberal, a feminist, a socialist. A fiercely loyal mother and grandmother. You'd always hear her sticking up for the downtrodden, whoever and w … read more