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MLK Day For The World - Not Just America

Posted by Pete on Feb 14th 2019

Today is a day to celebrate King's achievements - but also to heed his internationalist approach to the fight against injustice. Though Martin Luther King Jnr Day is an American holiday, the m … read more

The Man Who Made Abraham Lincoln

Posted by Pete on Feb 14th 2019

On a brisk April morning in 1876, spectators gathered in Washington DC's Capitol Hill district for the unveiling of the new Emancipation Memorial. It had been a decade since the end of the Ame … read more

The Quest for Bertolt Brecht

Posted by Pete on Feb 10th 2019

Today marks the birth of one of Europe's most prolific 20th century political intellectuals. But which political tradition can actually claim him as their own? The era-defining German playwrig … read more

Alice Paul: Imperfect But Brave

Posted by Pete on Jan 11th 2019

Alice Paul was key to the campaign for women's enfranchisement in the US. Sadly, she abandoned other groups pursuing freedom along the way. Alice Paul, the New Jersey feminist crucial to winn … read more

A Little Rebellion

Posted by Pete on Dec 4th 2018

Thomas Jefferson saw the good side of allowing some expression of discord in the new nation of America - he was referring to Shays' Rebellion of 1786 Typically, our radical tea towel designs a … read more