These are just some of the testimonials from our customers:

We need people like you organising the revolution. 

The magnet was so well made and delivery so fast that I had to order another one for myself.... 

Just wanted to say thank you for your quick and efficient dispatch of my order. 

Thank You...Thank you so much for the quick delivery of my fridge magnet...The quality is wonderful...I will use your site again for gifts...I’ve ended up with a fantastic gift for a close friend... 

Amazingly fast. Thank you. 

I think you are great and have some super ideas I am going to make a few people very happy and a few more not so happy but that’s the fun in it! 

Bought some great political cards off you! Everyone impressed who I sent them to... :-)

Wow they arrived the next day... thanks a lot I love them! 

Received today and really pleased with both items. Love ya stuff! 

I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping this year online due to work (avoiding Amazon obviously) and had a problem with every purchase I’ve made. I can’t tell you how grateful I am not to have to battle to prove that someone was a human being for a moment. An easy mistake is easily solved and I think you’re all flipping fantastic for getting me my stuff by Christmas and providing exemplary customer service. Merry Christmas and I look forward to ordering something again soon! 

It may seem like a lot for a tea towel but they wash well and keep their colour and a conversation piece for those visitors that help in your kitchen with the washing up! 

Just the kind of thing my kitchen needs! 

Just the thing! Anything to stop my mother from buying me tea towels adorned with badly drawn cats, dogs and fluffy bunnies! :) 

Purchased yesterday. Received today. Excellent service. Thank you. 

OMG......just ‘found’ you, AMAZING!! 

Worthy of framing not using to dry dishes on. 

Fab page! Just the kind of thing my kitchen needs! 

Perfect pressies. Please keep me posted. 

That’s every birthday and Christmas pressie sorted between now and the end of time!

Great concept and well realised. 

Great Christmas present ideas. 

Order arrived the next day, no problems. 

This tea towel’s so good I’m putting it on the wall! 

Whooo hooo! Finally found a site where I can buy a present for my dad! Lol. 

Great ideas and products - beats tea towels with maps on etc. 

Got one of these (Votes for Women feminist tea towel) today through the post, a gift from my daughter - it’s far too beautiful to use, I’m going to have to hang it instead! 

:) It arrived already, beautifully wrapped and labelled. I’m very impressed! The big day is next week - I’ll let you know. 

Love the tea-towels - they’re huge! 

Bought a couple for one of my sons. It will give him something to think about as he dries the Christmas dishes... 

I love the tea towels! They arrived promptly and look great. They are good quality, so well worth the cost. Can’t wait to get some more! 

Ordered yesterday - delivered today. First class service and a first class product!