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The ultimate sacrifice

Posted by Pete on Jul 2nd 2020

Medgar Evers was born today in 1925. Thirty-eight years later, he gave his life for the cause of racial equality in the United States. Image source: Wikimedia Commons “Our lives are not fully li … read more

America's Forgotten Radical

Posted by Pete on Jun 25th 2020

Born today in 1881, Crystal Eastman is likely the most important radical you’ve never heard of. Image source: Library of Congress "History tends to bury what it seeks to reject." …and most d … read more

A Soldier in the Army of Freedom

Posted by Pete on Jun 23rd 2020

Tom Paine, who died on June 8th 1809, was a wonderful radical exported from England to America - much to our loss! First Sunderland Bridge completed in 1796 by Thomas Paine. Source: Wikimedia Commo … read more

I hear America singing

Posted by Pete on May 31st 2020

Walt Whitman, born 31st May in 1819, rendered the ordinary magnificent. A poet and a humanist, his vision of culture was free from snobbery and open to all. Image source: Library of Congress … read more