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Before Bernie there was Debs

Posted by Pete on Nov 5th 2019

Born today in 1855, Eugene Debs belongs to a proud history of American socialism which is only now being rediscovered. Last month, Matt (Radical Tea Towel’s strategist-in-chief) was travelling throu … read more

Thomas Paine: A Soldier In The Army Of Freedom

Posted by Pete on Oct 31st 2019

A few people have heard of revolutionary philosopher Thomas Paine. Some have probably also heard of his pamphlet, 'Rights of Man', published on 16th March in 1791. Or perhaps even his other … read more

Hannah Arendt: The Philosopher Who Stood Up to Totalitarianism

Posted by Pete on Oct 14th 2019

After escaping from the worst that humanity could offer, Hannah Arendt confronted evil head on. Plenty of philosophers do their best to detach themselves from all things 'worldly', in order to thi … read more