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Defying Convention

Defying Convention

Posted by Pete on Feb 23rd 2021

Born today in 1868, W.E.B. Du Bois remains an icon of black and radical history in the US...On 28th August 1963, about 250,000 Americans took part in Dr King’s March on Washington.It was one of the gr … read more

The Seattle General Strike

Posted by Pete on Feb 8th 2021

102 years ago today, a strike went city-wide in Seattle and the workers cast the bosses aside to run the show themselves... “…We are on the road that leads – no one knows where!” It was Febr … read more

The Messenger

Posted by Pete on Jan 22nd 2021

Born today in 1798 Samuel Worcester defended the sovereignty of the Cherokee and founded the first Native American newspaper. Samuel Worcester (Picture credit: Cculber007/Wik … read more


Posted by Pete on Jan 1st 2021

Today in 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed emancipation. First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln, painted by Francis Carpenter in 1864 "All persons held as slaves within … read more