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The Solidarity of the International Brigades

Posted by Pete on Dec 26th 2019

The day after Christmas 1936 hundreds of American volunteers set sail for Spain, joining the international fight to save the country from fascism. 83 years ago today, just as Santa and his re … read more

Christina Rossetti: Of Moderates and Progressives

Posted by Pete on Dec 5th 2019

Christina Rossetti, the masterful 19th century poet, was born today in 1830. While far from a radical herself, her written work has inspired feminists for generations. It’s often the case that rad … read more

The Letter That Sparked A Revolution

Posted by Pete on Nov 29th 2019

In November 1775, Abigail Adams wrote to her husband, John, that the Thirteen Colonies must split with Britain for good. King George’s refusal to recognise American liberties meant that independence … read more