Paul Robeson Tea Towel

100% Organic Cotton
Made in the UK
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  • Sturdy half panama unbleached US cotton (19" x 27.5")
  • Our special inks mean that colours last in the wash
  • Includes hanging loop
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Paul Robeson was an American bass baritone, stage and film actor who became famous both for his cultural accomplishments and for his political activism. His political activities began while performing in Britain in the 1930s. During this period, Robeson became increasingly attuned to the sufferings of people of other cultures, notably the British working class and the colonised peoples of the British Empire. It continued with support for the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War and his opposition to fascism. In the US he also became active in the Civil Rights Movement and other social justice campaigns. His outspoken criticism of the US government and its foreign policies caused him to be blacklisted during the McCarthy era.  

Half Panama unbleached cotton (heavy weight, textured finish). Stitched on all four sides. Includes hanging loop. Measures approximately 19in x 27.5in. Machine wash at 110 degrees max. We recommend that before you use your tea towel for the first time you wash it at least once to soften up the material and make it more absorbent for drying dishes. Please note size can vary slightly.