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Steelworkers at War: The Battle of Homestead

Posted by Pete on Jul 2nd 2023

When a greedy steel magnate tried to tear up workers' rights, Pennsylvania steelworkers fought back “We are asking one another as we pass the time of day Why working men resort to arms t … read more

Rebel Girl: The Story of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Posted by Pete on Aug 7th 2021

Born on this day in 1890, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn devoted her life to the radical struggle “History has a long-range perspective. It ultimately passes stern judgement on tyrants and vindicates … read more

Solidarity Forever: The Pullman Strike of 1894

Posted by Pete on May 11th 2021

Begun on this day in 1894, the Pullman Strike was one of the most significant strike actions in US history “It seems to me that if it were not for resistance to degrading conditions, the tendency … read more