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Douglass and the Promise of America

Posted by Luke on Jul 4th 2020

Frederick Douglass said that Independence Day in 1852 wasn't for him. Many still feel left out - dare we hope, as he did, that "'Let there be light' has not yet spent its force"? Image: U.S. Army … read more

A Feeling Of Hope

Posted by Pete on May 9th 2020

The radical abolitionist, John Brown, was born 220 years ago today. The execution of John Brown (Image: The New York Public Library) Made famous by his leadership of the fateful raid o … read more

Finding Hope in Radical History on July 4th

Posted by Matt on Jul 4th 2019

For generations of American changemakers, our country's idealistic origins have held the key to its renewal. We put together a quiz to remind people about America's radical roots. Deep within the … read more