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A Shooting Star: The Radical Life of Tecumseh

Posted by Pete on Oct 5th 2020

Today in 1813, the Shawnee leader Tecumseh was killed in battle while fighting to save his people’s land. A painting of Tecumseh, a Native American (Source: Toronto Public Library) Befor … read more

Frances Harper and the Poetry of Freedom

Posted by Pete on Sep 24th 2020

Frances Harper, the unofficial poet laureate of abolition, was born today in 1825. Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, 1825-1911 (Source: Library of Congress) Make me a grave where’er you will In a … read more

The Biggest Strike in US History:

Posted by Pete on Sep 17th 2020

This month in 1934, the biggest strikes in US history swept through the American textile industry. It’s an enduring example of how collective action against exploitation is the pathway to a better w … read more