Magnetic Hanger Frame

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OK, so you've bought your lovely Radical tea towel - and it's so beautiful you don't want to use it, let alone dry the dishes with it. So why not display it on your wall? This magnetic hanger kit is just what you need.

These hanger frames are handcrafted in high quality oak hardwood measuring 48cm in length and are perfect for displaying our tea towels.

Each set includes four sticks, two that clamp the top of the tea towel and two that clamp the bottom. Six strong neodymium magnets are embedded into each stick, which securely grip your tea towel, but allow you to easily change it whenever you want.

Each hanger frame consists of four natural oak hardwood sticks measuring 19 x 1.22 x 0.3 inches with six neodymium magnets embedded in each. Includes 3 string options: faux leather cord, brown jute twine, and white cotton twine.