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The American Origins of May Day

Posted by Pete on Apr 30th 2019

In the 1880s, the US labor movement was doing battle for a shorter, eight-hour working day. Out of this struggle came May Day – the worldwide celebration of workers' rights and resistance to the gr … read more

The Radicalism of Muhammad Ali

Posted by Pete on Apr 29th 2019

In 1966, America's most renowned boxer refused to be drafted into the Vietnam War. The backlash led to the loss of his heavyweight boxing titles, but Ali's resistance helped fuel the anti-war movement … read more

Ann Jarvis & the Story of Mother's Day

Posted by Luke on Apr 29th 2019

Mother's Day is traditionally about sentiment - not commercialism. We're here whenever you want an idea, but for your own Mom, the main thing is the thought.Mother's Day is coming up in the US. You … read more

The Irony Of Fighting Nazis With A Segregated Military

Posted by Pete on Apr 16th 2019

In 1941, with the United States at war against Hitler in Europe, the African American civil rights activist A. Philip Randolph took the government to task for ignoring racism at home while fighting ag … read more

Tea Towels Saved My Relationship — With America

Posted by Matt on Apr 15th 2019

In the darkest of times, a radical company from the UK helped me keep my faith in America. We Americans aren’t so different from our British cousins after all. Sure, we once fought a war o … read more