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The Man Behind the Motorcycle Diaries

Posted by Pete on Jun 14th 2019

91 years after his birth, Che Guevara’s motorbike journey across Latin America as a young medical student remains a huge moment in the history of anti-colonial resistance and revolution. Journ … read more
Join Our Fourth of July US Radical History Giveaway

Join Our Fourth of July US Radical History Giveaway

Posted by Matt on Jun 4th 2019

This year we're celebrating the 4th of July by giving away tea towels honoring some of our favorite American radicals. Enter your email address in the widget below to join the contest! a Raffleco … read more

Killed For Going On Strike: The 1937 Memorial Day Massacre

Posted by Pete on May 30th 2019

82 years ago today, ten striking steelworkers were shot dead on Memorial Day by police acting on the orders of a Chicago steel manufacturer. They also deserve a place in our memory.  A few da … read more

Maya Angelou Was An Epic Human - And A Global Citizen

Posted by Pete on May 28th 2019

Angelou is one of the artistic legends of American civil rights activism. Her international legacy is equally important. During 300 years of the Atlantic Slave Trade, more than 12 million human bein … read more