Strawberry Thief Face Mask


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For every mask sold we will donate $3 to Feeding America, which supports a nationwide network of food banks providing emergency food and support to people locked in poverty.

Please note: this is NOT a medical grade surgical or N95 face mask, so purchase of this mask will not reduce the supply of medical masks which should be prioritised for health workers.

In the US, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have recommended the use of cloth masks in environments where it may be hard to socially distance.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control says non-surgical face masks might help stop the spread of coronavirus by people who are contagious with no symptoms (known as asymptomatic transmission).

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently changed its advice on face masks, saying they should be worn in public where social distancing is not possible to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

It is essential that wearers of cloth face masks still observe social distancing and wash their hands regularly, and cloth masks cannot guarantee protection for the wearer.

As this is a personal hygiene product, we cannot accept returns.

This fabric face mask is inspired by William Morris's iconic Strawberry Thief design. It takes as its subject the thrushes he found stealing fruit in the kitchen garden of his home in Oxfordshire.

This colourful fabric face mask is made with 2 pleated layers of 200 gsm cotton and measures approx 21.5cm x 13.5cm (8.5 x 5.3 inches). Digital printing on high quality, natural fabric using reactive inks, means it will not only have excellent wash fastness and colour vibrancy but also the inks conform to relevant standards meaning there are no harmful chemicals being breathed in. There is an opening in the top for the addition of a filter if desired (filter not included). The mask is attached with 4 tape ties measuring approx 40cm x 1cm (15.7 x 0.4 inches), allowing for flexibility and comfort. Machine wash after each use at 140ºF.